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About zimbee™

zimbee is a nationwide network of artists, artisans, small & home-based business owners, and all around freelancers. Our goal is to connect these skilled and talented individuals with the people who need their services. We are an easy-to-navigate, searchable database that will help you find exactly who you are looking for.

Outsource to your neighbors!

There are numerous people right in your area (and perhaps a little beyond) who are talented artists, tutors, musicians, carpenters and more! Why not outsource your next big project or plan to someone with expertise in just the right area. Whether you are seeking a little bit of assistance, or someone to get it all done, this is the place to find who you need.

Rated G

What we are - We are a network of individuals with skills in the arts, home repair, event planning, child care, and everything in between. We provide visibility and advertising for people who are:

  • Just starting out
  • Trying to grow a small business
  • Just interested in doing freelance work

What we are not - We are neither a dating service nor an exotic or erotic favors service.

While we respect the rights and freedom of individual to do what they do (so long as they're not hurting anyone...), we are committed to keep this site G-rated. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

If you ever see or experience anything concerning on our site, please let us know right away!